We would like to apologise to all our clients and friends

On Friday our server was infected with a ransomware virus – therefore crashing our computers, our booking system and an integral part of our website – our bookings page. For this we are very sorry.

If anyone has sent us an email in the last week, requested an appointment, booked an appointment, please contact us so we can put this into our new system.

All security was in place on our servers and website for this not to happen (don’t worry, it was isolated to our system ONLY) but a newly ransomware slipped through. In the meanwhile, please accept our apologies for the troubles we may have caused you by appointment times.

Mercury in Retrograde has come early !

We believe you should take extra care during this time — don’t buy a new phone, computer or car (lest it turn into a lemon), take extra care to protect your electronics (keep your phone in its case, be sure to keep your water bottle far away from your computer), double check your flight times, don’t sign any business deals and avoid relationship-defining conversations.

It’s a good time to pause, reevaluate and hold off on life-altering decisions. Some tips to get through Mercury retrograde:

  1. Take a deep breath; this won’t last forever.
  2. Slow down, take your time and pay attention to details.
  3. Take care of anything that requires reevaluation and revision; this is a good way to channel this energy positively.
  4. Do you need to heal something from the past or connect to someone from the past? This is a good time to do it. This phase gives us a chance to retrace our steps and go revisit old ground.
  5. Observe, review and release. Remember to breathe!

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