Reiki  2 Course

Sat & Sun

October 19th & 20th 

from 9am – 5pm


Reiki Master Teacher: Filomena Iannantuono

Reiki 2 Course Content:                   

  • Receive 2 attunements
  • 5 Chakras above crown
  • Develop your intuition and Psychic Awareness
  • Advance the effects of Reiki 1
  • Understand our lifetime contracts, DNA, Soul Blueprint and more..
  • Learn how to Access the Akashic Records, how to give or send absent healing
  • Planetary and Interdimensional Healing
  • Learn how to bless and protect a home, a room, a sacred space
  • Be qualified to provide Reiki treatments

To Book:

Ph:  0419585462

Reiki Master Teacher : Filomena Iannantuono

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