Western Astrology

 “2 Year course begins March 2018”

Facilitator: With Vic Ketis

The ancient study of Astrology has been used for centuries to give insight and understanding of the self, and guide and explain the course of personal human and collective destiny. This course will examine the influence in our lives of the Planets, Signs and Houses of the Western Astrological System It will begin with the foundations and fundamentals and progress through to chart meaning, understanding, and analysis, then progressing to applications are made into other fields such as health and healing, Feng Shui and building dynamics, human resources, in fact every area of life

This 2 year course will begin with an Introduction on Saturday March 10 at 1.00pm – 5pm. This will also double as a FREE Introduction and anyone interested is welcome to attend to find out about the course. Prospective students are welcome to attend. The course and approach will be outlined, and examples given. Some fundamental Astrology principles will be introduced and is an opportunity to have any questions answered.

Bookings for the introduction are essential – Please call Sacred Keys on (03) 8401 3571 to book.

For Full course guide including all topics, dates, and costs, please contact the Australian Academy of Feng Shui

Chinese Astrology and I Ching

0408 554 987 vicketis@comcen.com au


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