Yoga Classes

“Do something nurturing for yourself”

Improve your physical fitness level, your mental outlook and sense of well-being!

Facilitator:  Elena Lapina

  • Date: Mondays at  6:30pm & Wednesday at 7:00pm
  • Duration: 75 minutes
  • Investment: $20 for a casual class – $85 for a 5 x class pass


Through working on our physical body and breath we remove energy blocks and tension in the body allowing energy to move more freely. Through continuous yoga practice, the body starts to rid itself of stress, tightness, heaviness and muscular tension, detoxifying, replenishing and rejuvenating all tissues, muscles and organs of the body. The body cleanses and balances itself from inside out. As a result, the energy starts to flow more easily, the mind becomes clearer and more peaceful and the nervous system returns to its natural state of well-being. Once that happens, everything in life starts to flow and the natural state of peace, contentment and well-being comes easily.

BENEFITS: The most commonly spoken about benefits of a yoga practice are as follows: – Improved flexibility and muscle tone – Improved circulation and blood flow – Pain prevention & Joint health – Better immunity – Better balance & Body awareness – Peace of mind, Clarity and focus – Relaxation & Better sleep – Increased self-esteem and inner strength – Increased intuition And the list goes on…

WHAT TO EXPECT: A yoga class will typically include: – Breathing techniques to relax, let go of the day and prepare for the practice – A physical warm up which consists of gentle postures and movements – Elements of Sun Salutation sequence of postures – Standing and balancing postures – Floor sequence that may include back-bends, core work, hip openers and forward bends – Final Savasana pose (relaxation) to integrate the physical practice – 10 minutes meditation at the end to clear the mind and nourish the soul

WHAT TO WEAR /BRING: – Wear comfortable fitted clothing – Bring your own mat If unable to source your own mat in time for the class, please email me and I will arrange one for you.

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