Body Candling

“Calms and revitalise the chakras”

Candling (or coning) has been used as an aid for health for thousands of years, throughout the world. Candling is sometimes considered an old wives’ remedy, but how many of these gentler methods are we rediscovering today? Most people have come to terms with the use of Ear Candling but here at Sacred Keys we also offer Body Candling.

Candles can be used anywhere on the body and this is something many people do not necessarily know. Of course treating the ears and stimulating the immune system are going to have a generalised effect anyway, but sometimes a more targeted approach has been found to work faster. For constipation and/or haemorrhoids, a candle burnt on the sacrum or directly on the belly can work wonders.  For painful periods as well as painful glands in the breast, candling has been shown to offer rapid relief.