Clairvoyant Healing

“May the angels by your side show you the true colours of love”

This treatment uses connection to spirit to guide the way. It re-balances spiritually, physically and energetically. Our friends and loved ones who have passed have many messages for us. Feel connected once again to who you are, what you set out to achieve, and with all who love you from the spirit world. Live your dream and move onto your path with “knowing” and joy.

Clairvoyant/Psychic healing also known as Energy healing, is defined as the process of sending healing energy by one or more persons to another person in order to re-energise him or her.

Generally, clairvoyant healing can be achieved by a person who has high meditation capacities and who can correctly concentrate on channelling their energies to the patient. They are spiritually developed people. Clairvoyant healers deal with the person on his or her subconscious level. The person who wants to be healed must believe in the healer and the process on subconscious level in order the healing to work.

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