Crystal Light Bed Healing

What is it?

This innovative healing system uses 7 Quartz crystals appropriately placed over your Chakras (energy centres), with varying frequencies of Light being pulsed through the Clear Quartz and directed into your energy centres. This process cleanses, opens and balances the Chakras and ultimately raises the vibration of your energy system.

This healing system was designed by the Divine Beings, who work through the Internationally renowned Brazilian medium healer, John of God.

How does the Healing work?

We are multidimensional Beings of Light as seen below.

 During the session under the Crystal Light Bed, your energy centres are cleansed, opened and balanced. As your field expands, more Light enters your energy system to open you further to who you truly are.  By strengthening this Inner connection, it begins the process of raising your vibrational frequency. It is here, that the Spirit doctors who heal through John of God, as well as other Light Beings may join you in achieving your desire for Healing.

Healing may occur on any level, throughout any or all layers of your auric field.  So, if there is a physical illness you desire to be healed, it may require healing in the astral or mental bodies first before there is improvement on the physical layer of your Being.

Healing may be amplified with Power of Intention, so if you would like support in any area of your life which is not flowing as you wish, then you may set an Intention and allow the Crystal Light Bed Healing to assist you in achieving just this, for your Highest Good.

Healings have ranged from ”instant” results to ones that take more time. Soul gifts and soul purpose are often revealed in a session, as with visions or feelings of support in direction and decision-making.

A willingness to commit to your healing is a key factor,which impacts your healing. So set your Intentions, surrender and let Divine assistance show you the way.

What will I experience during or after the session?

Every experience is unique to what you need at the time to achieve your Healing.

Some common experiences are:

Shivers, tingles, vibration, heat, cold, piercing sensations or compressions (very brief and advised to breathe through this), varying emotions, nausea, visions, dreams, Communication with Light Beings,  deep relaxation, snoring, may drift off to sleep and dream, in and out of wakefulness, distractions,  bliss, joy, euphoria, Soul Purpose, Soul Gifts, Talents/skills, Past Lives, God/Universal Light. Unconditional love.

 Afterwards, you may feel quite tired and may even crave your own space for a little while to integrate and process all that you have received. You will need to drink a lot of water afterwards, as your cells will release a lot of toxicity during your treatment. After this period of integration  (varies with each individual session) you may feel lighter and more centred.

It is best not to drink and alcohol and plan to have a quiet night in if this is possible.

Enjoy your Healing!

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