“One Heart, One Voice, One Vision, One Spirit”

What are The Liquid Crystals?

It is a powerful healing system comprised of 77 crystals in a liquid form that can be taken internally to facilitate change & healing on all levels.

They are brought into existence by capturing the energetic healing qualities from around a crystal and then replicating the internal geometry within the stone to continue to give it life as a liquid, which can be safely taken into the body.

The Liquid crystals are created via Pleaidian liquid light technology, ancient Lemurian and Atlantian processes, applied Sacred Geometry and the laws of Alchemy utilising Planetary, Solar, Luna and Universal energy.  They are a form of energy medicine without any physical substance actually remaining in the dose bottle.

What to expect from a session?

A 30 minute session will include a consultation to determine your needs and intentions for healing and making a bottle of the Liquid Crystal remedy that will best address your current situation. The Liquid Crystal remedy will then need to be taken internally for 21 days (7 drops twice a day).

Where did The Liquid Crystals come from?

This therapy was re-created by Justin Moikeha Asar, the trusted messenger through time of The Liquid Crystals, a secret that he has carried with him for many years, since Atlantis. In this life, Justin has been known as a Spiritual Teacher and Healer, Naturopath and Telepathic Channel. He is a keeper of the Pleiadian Liquid Light Technologies and element in the externalisation of the Spiritual Hierarchy and Brotherhood of Light on Earth.

As a Liquid Crystal Practitioner, I feel honoured to share this beautiful modality with others. Having taken the remedies myself and having experienced the shifts in me, I look forward to working with you and bringing you on the journey of healing and transformation.


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