Reiki Massage

“Massage for body, mind and soul”

Receiving a Reiki massage is different than other types of massage. We combine Reiki with a Relaxation Massage and feel the effects of truly letting go. Areas of the body will be attuned to by our practitioner and they will often focus on the “problem” areas to help heal and relax the soul.

Reiki massage treatments feel wonderful. It’s as if there is a warming and healing sensation flowing through the body and the area surrounding the body. As this sensation flows through the body the person can actually feel the stress and illness leave. The key to Reiki is that it treats the entire body, this includes the emotions, the mind and the spiritual portion of the body as well as the physical portion of the body. As the muscles of the body relax, the energy begins to flow freely and the person begins to feel “lifted up” and lighter.

Often our bodies are in a state of disharmony because we are emotionally, mentally or spiritually not at peace.

The nurturing strokes, combined with energy healing allows one to have a further understanding of what is going on within the body and the soul. Surrender to a space of peace and revitalise body, mind and soul.


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