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We don’t shy away from those that might have not enjoyed our service – although very rare in reviews, but we welcome all kinds love


Absolute Enlightenment

My first time here and it’s the best decision I’ve made for my mind, body and soul in a very long time. The staff are extremely welcoming and inviting. I saw Giovanni for a remedial massage, the music was amazing it allowed me to close off from my thoughts. I feel so relaxed. I almost don’t want to leave!

Remedial | Sports Massage

At First Thought – Gentle – Then – WOW

I received a remedial massage with Dean today. My body has been aching from head to foot for weeks. Pressures of a desk job!

I first got on the table and Dean started the treatment. It was nice and relaxing but I thought this probably won’t do too much for my body, but it does feel nice! Well, as the treatment continued I realised that what was happening was really amazing. It was not the normal rough/ouch/hurts/feels good massage. It was gentle and the ease of the muscles slowly built within the whole body.

By the time I got off that table I was like putty and just amazingly relaxed and my body felt wonderful – not a stiff muscle anywhere.

Wasn’t what I was used to with a massage but I have already booked again for another! Thank you so much Dean!!! 🙂

Remedial | Sports Massage


I just wanted to say that I’ve never had healing done before, wow what an intense moment I didn’t realise how amazing it was good for the soul ,mind and body .
Thank you so much Connie for your work your a beautiful genuine person xx


On Cloud 9

I love a good massage but my word, this was not just good, it was great. Relaxing but firm, spiritual without being over the top. I can thoroughly recommend Charlene and just love the ambiance that Sacred Keys provide. Thank you and Namaste – Chris

Chris Onslow
Relaxation Massage

Just Like A Friends Place

A welcome like no other

From the first time I walked into Sacred Keys I was welcomed and felt like I was walking into a friends place. I was very new to the new age spiritual stuff and both the female and male at the front desk gave me advice and words of wisdom.

I also came back for a reading with Alex and WOW!

I’d had a bad reading before so I was a little nervous but Alex put me so at ease. Everything he said was spot and and exactly what I needed to hear. I’m still seeing what he told me come into fruition and if it wasn’t for the reading I wouldn’t be where I am today. I can safely say that Alex is the only one I’ll go to now.

That’s it – locked in dude lol

Jessika Wolfe
Psychic | Medium Reading

It was so accurate!

I had a reading with Alex Morgan, it was so accurate!

He told me things that no one else would know. He also brought my son and other family members through in spirit.

Thank you Alex for connecting me with my son again! Will treasure this experience forever.

Highly recommend a reading with Alex!!!!!

Lori Minutoli
Psychic | Medium Reading


OMG! Had the best healing

Received from Charlene Kirek – I was left sooo relaxed and felt awesome. Thank you so much!

Thank you Dean Thanasos for your excellent remedial massage before – I’m not sore anymore and I can walk straight!

Thank you Alex Morgan for your accurate and to-the-point reading.

I Highly recommend all three…you won’t be disappointed!!!

Psychic | Medium Reading, Reiki Healing, Remedial | Sports Massage

Blown Away

My head and heart are still in shock

I pop into Sacred Keys to ask who my sister would see for hypnosis as she had misplaced her engagement and eternity rings in Sept 2017 and still hadn’t found them despite every family member looking for them.

Alex Morgan came out and said they were in this certain place (described it) and said she had looked there already, but she needed to look again. Low and behold – she found her precious rings!!! We can’t thank Alex and Sacred Keys enough. It was amazing.

Alex then gave me a reading and wow. He told me things that ONLY I knew to be true and many other thing. Thank you again

You have made my year all the better and my sister can’t believe it still – can’t give you enough stars in the rating!!!

Sue with thanks from Kerrie
Psychic | Medium Reading

6 out of 5 stars…

OMG I had the best massage!

Thank you Stephanie, Her hands are beyond magic. Combining deep tissue, remedial and Swedish, she creates her own vibe of intuitive massage. She removed knots that have been there for eons, yes I did have some weird sound effects, followed with laughter…she totally opened my throat chakra.  It helped balance my feminine and masculine releasing some ancient blockages I had been carrying.

Thank you Stephanie Capiron for a beautiful energy exchange and totes connecting my energetic work to the body, bravo beautiful lady, my yin to my yang…perfect timing post the epic full moon.

Big LOVE! xx

Deep Tissue Massage, Remedial | Sports Massage

Ahhh SELF LOVE!!!! 

Thank you Anita for holding a beautiful, healing activation meditation last night. It was a peaceful, graceful loving space. Ahhh SELF LOVE!!!! 💚💛simple but profound message.

Looking forward to the gifts I know this practice will bring and to also share/ignite others to walk a path that serves their heart.

Sharon Miller

Pure Heaven – Blessings 

By far the best, honest and professional reading i have ever had.

Libby you are not only stunning but you are so unique. Thank you for your clear guidance.

The shop also has such a great feeling when you walk in makes you feel so peaceful and calm.

Alanna Payet
Reading and Healing


I seen a psychic reading today and walked out of there feeling so disappointed.

I had a 60 min booking and only had 30 min as she couldn’t tell me anything or anything that right… 10/15 min through the reading she told me she couldn’t tell me much and she didn’t want me to waste my money on the whole 60 minutes.

So disappointed as I was a hoping for a little more or something that was right.

Kathleen Elliott
Reading and Healing


That Access Bars is amazing!

Everything is just falling into place I can’t believe it.

I’m approaching new & old thoughts with a different way of thinking, it’s bizarre really!

Access Bars Healing

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