Kerry Hampton
Astrology Reader, Reading | Healing, Reiki, Tarot Reader

I have been in touch with my psychic senses since I was a young child, my very earliest memories were of me astral travelling. I have always been able to sense things before they happen. I also get very strong messages in dreams of events to come. I have also been contacted by loved ones after they have passed with messages not only for me but for other friends of the deceased, when I have passed there messages on they have resonated with them. I also receive very strong messages when doing intuitive healing and my connection to spirit during these sessions is extremely strong.

Spirit communicate with me through images, colour & words. Sometimes the messages are quite strange to me but when I pass them on the client fully understands them. I also provide many other types of card readings.

I am also a qualified Art Therapist. The art making process can be used to find healing and mean in life.

It is also away to tap into your intuition.

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