Anita Lijovic

Crystal Light Bed Healing | Meditation Classes

Anita is an intuitive meditation guru, divinely-proclaimed of course!  She is all about being one, embracing the feminine divinity of standing beside each other.

Anita is about raising the frequency of love, through your own super omnipresent consciousness and remembering the God within, your own God/Cosmic Consciousness, becoming one with the Cosmos and being the Creator you are.

Anita has served within the holistic well being, spiritual, hibie jibie energy industry since June 2013, starting her mission consciously, taking the first steps of her calling with colour therapy and energy healing.

Being an avid meditator, she slowly started to feel the spark of passion for all things meditation, it’s feel good vibes and the added bonus of slowing down the ageing process. Making the transition from colour healing to meditation, combining both developing the Colour Your Soul Workshops.

Anita believes that meditation creates a channel to tap in and tune into your Invisible Self, aligning your soul with the original blue print template of love, transmuting the fear consciousness illusion, which we currently reside in.

So, if she is rocking your vibe and something is resonating yet not making any sense, jump on a crystal bed with her and see where it takes you.

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