Charles Lowres

Charles Lowres

Reading & Healing | Tarot Readings | Clairvoyant Healing | Reiki | Quantum Healing Hypnosis | Pellowah Healing | Sekhem Egyptian Healing

Charles is trained as a Clairvoyant Healer.  His intentions are for the best possible outcomes for his clients at all times.  Charles is also a Reiki practitioner & Tarot Reader.

He loves to guide and help people on their journeys.  Charles will bring a fresh outlook to challenging situations in our lives.

His guidance allows for the download & interpretation of message he receives from his Spirit Guides & Angels to you.

Charles’s strength is his ability to see situations objectively through both healthy male and female energies within, giving you a balanced overview of any situation you find yourself in.  Charles is caring, kind and compassionate and works from the space of the heart.

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