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Elena is a Crystal Light Bed and The Liquid Crystals practitioner and a Yoga Teacher. Like many students, Elena was attracted to yoga because of the physicality of the practice. But it wasn’t long before she noticed benefits seeping into other aspects of her life. Coming from a corporate background, Elena is familiar with the difficulties many students face in balancing work and career with personal life. “Yoga for me is about learning to live in the flow and joy of the present moment on and off the mat,” she says.

After completing her teacher training at Australian Yoga Academy in 2010, Elena went on to train with Duncan Peak, Simon Borg-Oliver, Barbra Noh and Simon Park.

Elena teaches yoga from her own experience and her philosophy is simple and effective: “Through working on our physical body and breath we remove energy blocks and tension in the body allowing energy to move more freely. Once that happens, everything in life starts to flow and the natural state of peace, contentment and wellbeing comes easily.”

Elena has always been interested in mind-body-spirit connection and through her yoga studies she learnt about energy centres of the body called chakras and how by working on these chakra systems directly we can bring positive changes in physical, mental and emotional areas of our lives. In 2013 she went to Brazil where she learnt about the Crystal Light Bed Therapy. Since she first experienced the Crystal Light Bed Healing, Elena has had a lot of positive changes in her life and career. She has been able to let go of a lot of stress, tension, heavy emotions, negative beliefs and self-sabotage and has experienced more confidence, clarity and awareness than ever before. Elena was drawn to visit Casa de Dom Inacio in Brazil again to deepen her connection and understanding of this work. Having received so many benefits herself, she is passionate about sharing this work with others to help them on their own journey to transformation.

“We all have a great power inside of us to create our own reality. Somewhere along the way many of us have lost connection with that power. The Crystal Bed Healing helps to re-discover that connection by helping to remove anything that no longer serves us, so we can step into our power and let our inner light shine brightly.” 

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