Janette Podesta

Janette Podesta

Reiki | Reading/Healing

My name is Janette. I am also known as Janette Jade.

I am a Psychic Medium, Intuitive & Reiki Master Practitioner. I spent many years “knowing” but not understand what it was all about. I migrated to Australia in 1999 where pathways opened and lead me to the teachers I needed. I was able to discover my abilities more clearly. Connecting with Spirits and Universal Energies.

My goal is to help guide and teach others in their own quest to heal their soul and discover their own abilities to connect Each Reading, Each Energy exchange and each connection is a unique one and is channelled for each person for their own unique needs for that given time.

I love connecting with channelled energy and to tap into our combined universal guides providing tools for paths forward. The ability of passed loved ones to also join in to send comfort and soul healing.

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