Janette Podesta

Janette Podesta

Clairvoyant Reading | Psychic | Mediumship Reading | Reading and Healing | Reiki I am a Medium, Clairvoyant card reader & Reiki Master.<br /> My Mediumship readings allow me to connect with your passed loved ones who wish to step forward, bringing healing messages and connections for you.<br /> As a Clairvoyant card reader I connect with spirit to help interpret the cards. The added visuals and words I receive help blend all the guided information together to help you find clarity & insight for your path forward.</p> <p>When working with Reiki, I help facilitate the shift of your stuck energy and help rebalance your chakras. The receiver can experience a great sense of relaxation during each session</p> <p>When i connect via a Reading, Spiritual guidance or Reiki, my goal is always to provide clairity & healing within your life path, as you are truly worthy of all things good upon your journey.<br /> I work from my heartspace while being universally connected, providing a safe place to bring the insight & healing that each person needs in that time.<br /> I look forward to helping you upon your journey to a lighter, brighter way of being.<br />

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