Mary Tawil

Counselling | Reiki | Access Bars | Pellowah Healing |

Are You Ready to Awaken the Unlimited Power of the Self? 

Mary is a compassionate, intuitive and attentive individual with a deep passion for helping people heal and connect with body, mind and soul. 
Mary uses a variety of modalities including Reiki, Access Bars and Pellowah to implement transformation and positive change. 
Mary helps to awaken, encourage and empower you to find answers to your questions. You will find and uncover your highest potential whilst identifying your individual uniqueness. 
Mary will take you on a self-healing journey guiding and teaching you how to access your own healing potential and capabilities therefore overcoming the stressors in your life and creating and encouraging inner healing and peace. 
So, if you feel something is holding you back? If you are feeling confused or stuck or challenged? If you want to uncover hidden emotions, beliefs, patterns and programs that may be limiting you from reaching your full potential then come and see Mary where you will feel motivated, inspired and encouraged to move forward with courage and strength. 

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