Reading and Healing

A human being is more than just a body. In traditional medicine we are taught about the body and the soul, knowing that both systems cannot be  seen as separate and that both systems have their own role in illnesses.

Unfortunately, most of the attention seems to go to the physical body in regular medicine, whereby the soul aspects are hardly attended to or receive attention only very late in the process. By not attending to our souls, we are missing a vital part of the healing process. Isn’t a human being only whole, when all parts of the system communicate effortlessly with each other?

Apart from the physical body, we also have an energetic body. In this body we distinguish the aura and the chakras. These can be seen by many of our practitioners.

When there is a blockage in your aura or chakras, your energy will not flow freely. This can cause a disharmony in your system. This unbalanced state can express itself in many ways, which could also lead to physical complaints.

During a healing or a reading you sit comfortably on a chair without having to do anything letting us do all the work.


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